The Village of Krobidasiwakyi
Alantaso and Krobidasiwakyi are rural villages in Ghana’s Central Region which were given assistance in their quest to establish a reliable, all-season water source to provide clean underground water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and irrigation.

Thanks to local support at the World Music Benefit Concert I in Salt Lake City on March 20, 2009, the bore holes were successfully installed on June 13, 2009. All residents of Alantaso and Krobidasiwakyi villages are now drinking clean water from the hand pumps in their own communities! They send their thanks to all who have participated in this wonderful endeavor. Donations received and funds raised at the Benefit Concert were not sufficient to cover the full amount of the bore hole installation, so your continued donations are needed to repay the small bridge loan provided interest free by When these bore holes are paid off, we’ll begin earmarking donations for the next villages in line for our Clean Water Project support.

Fundraising Video for the Alantaso Water Project, 2009: