Africa Heartwood Project – a registered NGO in Liberia since 2010 – is selling ten acres of land in Royesville’s Sand Beach Community. The probated deed from Africa Heartwood Project’s purchase from a private land owner in 2012, and the mother deed, are in hand. The sale is being managed by the Executive Director, Andy Jones, an American, who is living in Liberia. To make an inquiry or offer contact Mr. Jones on o77o-445-6l9 or email andy



Location: 7.2 miles from the Bomi Highway at Parker Corner in Brewerville. Brewerville is north of Monrovia about 45 minutes, depending on traffic, just over the St. Paul Bridge. GPS points 6°28’34.5″N 10°52’57.3″W
(6.476259, -10.882575). To get to the property drive 5.4 miles going west at Parker Corner junction. Do not take any right or left – go straight down the dirt road. At 5.4 miles is the Zuannah Town (Blama Gogo on Google Maps) junction. Go straight at the junction into the sandy road for another 1.8 miles, toward Sand Beach Community. 4WD vehicle is required for the last segment due to sand and a small water area.

Land Description: 208′ wide, 2100′ long, this choice parcel of land has direct beach access and ownership, as well as direct river access and ownership. There is a public road passing through the land, though the current location of the road near the beach is not the actual location, which will be further inland. The terrain consists of about 1/2 beach sand, 1/4 low land swampy area (seasonal), and 1/4 high land soil. The southern half of the land, from the beach to the swamp, was cleared by a bulldozer, and brushing has been maintained by caretakers.

Developments: In addition to the land clearing, we have undertaken significant construction on the land, including:

  • One (1) hand-dug well with hand pump and apron which has 18′ of water and provides water year-round.
  • One (1) 20′ tall x 8′ wide x 13″ long concrete water tower with cross beams at 10′ and a solid top, fully reinforced with rebar, strong enough to hold 2 X 1,000 gallon poly tanks.
  • Two (2) concrete buildings of 4 bedrooms and one sitting room, covered porch, and lots of windows and skylights. The buildings are designed by US architects to be self-cooling and relatively low maintenance. 12’x72′, 864 square feet with tall ceilings.
  • One (1) hygiene facility frame (posts and beams), intended to hold toilets, showers, hand washing, and laundry facilities, shared between the two residences. Concrete frame only, 20’x57′ dimension.
  • Clearing of 5 acres with a bulldozer, with brushing maintained by caretakers living on site.

Intended use and reason for sale: Our intention was to build the Heartwood Homestead – an off-grid, sustainable campus for an orphan home and school – and headquarters for our Village Water Project program. We got off to a great start, but realized we needed more land. And for our school to better serve the community we need to be closer to the community. Hence, we are relocating to another area where we have secured a larger plot closer to the families we will serve. We are selling to recover donated money so it can be applied to construction at the new location.

Value and opening bid price: This is a no profit, no loss transaction. Here is a snapshot of our costs and recovery amount:

  • Bare land: $30,000
  • Survey and purchase fees: ~$2,000
  • Clearing: $850
  • Well with pump: $2,750
  • Water tower with 1,000 gallon poly tank: $4, 700
  • Building 1: $13,150
  • Building 2: $12,000
  • Hygiene facility structure: $1,500
  • Caretakers: $6,000
  • Total expense: $72,950




img_1777 img_1778 img_1779 img_1781 img_1783 img_1784 img_1785 img_1786 img_1787 img_1788 img_1789 10acre1 10acre2


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