Africa Heartwood Drum & Dance Ensemble

+The Ensemble is not currently active. For African drum and dance performances in the Salt Lake area, contact Deja Mitchell at

Who We Are and What We Do
The Africa Heartwood Drum & Dance Ensemble serves as part of the non-profit mission of Africa Heartwood Project to provide multi-cultural education and awareness within the community. The Ensemble is comprised of long-time members of Salt Lake City’s growing community of African drum and dance enthusiasts and teachers, often invites guest artists, and is directed by Andy Jones, founder of Africa Heartwood Project.

We perform…
traditional, contemporary, and improvised rhythms, songs, and dances from across Africa and the diaspora.

We play…
dynamic and powerful poly-rhythms using authentic and traditional musical and percussion instruments hand crafted in West Africa, including djembe, dunun, bala and gyli (African xylophones), conga, talking drum, dumbek, and a variety of unique hand percussion, shakers, and bells.

We sing…
unique arrangements of traditional songs and chants, most in multi-part harmony.

We dance…
choreographed and improvised movement from Guinea, Mali, Ghana, and Congo.

We facilitate…
corporate and community rhythm experiences like drum circles interactive group entertainment.

We teach…
African drum classes for small groups at the beginning and intermediate level.

Regular events and venues include corporate entertainment, school assemblies, wedding receptions, benefit concerts, drum classes, studio recording, and other public and private performances around the state of Utah. Wherever we share our energetic love of African drum and dance, audiences are invariably uplifted by the experience, with comments like “Wow… I had no idea this existed in Salt Lake City. Thank you!”

A Few of Our Clients:

City Creek Center
Send Out Cards
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Hogel Zoo
University of Utah
Corporate Optics Event Mgmt
Ballet West
State of Utah Governer’s Office
Red Butte Gardens
Tracy Aviary
Utah Valley University
Illuminated Woman
Salt Lake City School District
SLC Children’s Museum
Jewish Community Center
Repertory Dance Theatre
LDS Humanitarian Center
Southwest Center Behavioral Health
United Nations Association of Utah
Ten Thousand Villages
Brigham City Corporation
Moran Eye Center
Park City Concerts
Mama Africa
Public Schools throughout Utah
The Alex Boye Band

…and many more!

Booking and Pricing:

Prices vary depending on venue location, event duration, and the scale of type of performance. We are flexible to work with in designing the right feel for your event, and we will always get you as much as possible based on your budet. Ensemble members are compensated for their time, talent, and instruments, and are proud to provide a platform to raise funds and awareness for Africa Heartwood Project’s humanitarian work in West Africa. Volunteer performances are limited to events where every party involved is also volunteering, and where Ensemble members unitedly support the cause.

Videos of Performances: