Almost a billion people don’t have access to sustainable clean water globally, which is a leading cause of preventable death among children in Sub-Saharan Africa. We lose a child every 41 seconds directly or indirectly because of this water crisis (WHO fs 330/391). Our Village Water Projects have provided clean water for thousands of Africans, most of whom are children. And it only costs us 1/2 a penny per day to provide clean water for a child!

We are convinced that the benefits of bringing clean water to Liberian communities can be experienced just as much by those who give as those who receive. Africa Heartwood Project’s Change the World program is creating grassroots opportunities for children to help children. Through participation, our young Change Agents will:

  • expand their awareness of the needs of others;
  • develop gratitude for their quality of life which is often taken for granted;
  • feel empowered by acting in such a way that lives are changed from their efforts;
  • learn that everyone, even children, can contribute to global concerns by doing what they can do, even if their effort seems small;
  • inspire those around them to be more aware and to act on their compassion, in turn receiving positive, intrinsic feedback that motivates them to continue to do good.


Every year we identify rural communities in need of clean water in Liberia and begin our community development program. Well digging is always done during the peak of the dry season, which is February to May. The cost for one well is $3,000 USD. Now get this… it only costs $2 to provide clean water to a person for an entire year! On average that’s only about 1/2 a penny a day per person using the Africa Heartwood Project model.  So raid the ash tray and look under the couch because one penny will provide clean water for 2 days to a Liberian mother! Change Agents are always needed to Change the World by collecting round pieces of money to sponsor new water projects. Every penny counts!

Our Change the World is a simple program that starts with the individual, and can be scaled to include the household, classroom, youth group, office, school, or church-wide level. Participants (Change Agents) will supply an upcycled jar that will become the Change the World Change Jars. These can be jelly jars, oatmeal cans, coffee cans, etc… The jars are decorated by the children according to their artistic style, and a Change The World Card is placed next to or attached to the Change Jar wherever it is displayed. After a certain amount of time the money collected is donated to Africa Heartwood Project and a receipt is generated and sent to the child, who also receives a Change Agent Certificate.

Contact us today to let us know how we can support you in launching a Change the World campaign in your school, church, or youth group.

Change The World Card PDF (4-up in Color)

Change Agent Certificate PDF

Change the World Word Search PDF

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