Our Projects:

Heartwood Homestead – Liberia, West Africa

The Heartwood Homestead in Liberia will provide a home base from which to provide support and relief to ebola orphans and the families that care for them, and our Village Water Projects in remote communities. International and local volunteers will be able to stay here as they serve, and orphans from around the country will live on site periodically for educational and cultural programs. See how you can contribute your time, skill, or money to develop the 50+ acres into an oasis of giving!

Support Program for Orphans in Care of Kin (SPOCK) – Liberia, West Africa

In October of 2008, Africa Heartwood Project established the Refugee Orphan Home at Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana, Africa. In 2012 the Home children and staff members were repatriated to Liberia, and in 2013 the Heartwood Halfway House was created for young adult orphans to prepare for independent living. In 2017 the orphanage was transitioned into a more sustainable orphan support program we call SPOCK (Support Program for Orphans in Care of Kin), where 150 ebola orphans receive full time family care in the homes of extended family members, with financial support from Africa Heartwood Project. There are more orphan families in need of food support, education, and medical care. We can expand our program with additional contributions from our donor family.

Village Clean Water Projects – Ghana & Liberia, West Africa

Unclean water is the number one killer of children in the world. We’re saving and improving lives in rural villages in Ghana and Liberia by installing hand dug wells and bore holes with hand pumps, which provide clean, reliable, convenient, free water year-round. Each water project also includes hygiene and sanitation training and community development support.

Livelihoods for Cultural Artisans

We’re working with dozens of cultural artisans in five West African countries to ensure sustainability of their livelihoods through training, micro-credit, and access to international fair-trade markets. This social entrepreneurship provides the financial means for Africa Heartwood Project to operate with all-volunteer support and no overhead. Together with drummers, teachers, distributors, retailers, and donors worldwide, we are all Fighting Poverty One Drum at a Time!

Vocational Training for Deaf Students – Ghana, West Africa

Deaf children in Ghana are often denied their right to education and opportunities for work and training, despite their great ability and desire. A multi-phase plan is being initiated by Africa Heartwood Project and the Unit School for Deaf in Koforidua, Ghana, to help deaf students acquire the skills and capital necessary to eventually provide for their own needs and contribute to the local economy with their craft.

Seed to Sower

This project supplements the operation and growth of the social enterprise that provides for our administrative and physical infrastructure, and reimburses certain expenses our volunteers incur during their extended service in Africa. Your donations to this project are like an investment of planted seeds that grow into fruit that produce more seeds which enable the sowers – our volunteers – to continue to implement our other charitable projects.