Meet the Team

Andy Jones (volunteer)
Andy Jones (volunteer)Executive Director & Co-Founder
Andy is the lodestar and driving force behind Africa Heartwood Project. In 1999, Andy and Kayla’s honeymoon was an extended service mission to West Africa. Little did Andy know how much this selfless act would set the course of their future. Andy’s commitment and passion can be seen in every grain of Africa Heartwood Project. Not only a talented musician, Andy is also a professional actor, a gifted teacher, and a visionary entrepreneur. But above all he is a loving husband and father.
Kayla Jones (volunteer)
Kayla Jones (volunteer)Co-Founder
Kayla’s ongoing support of Africa Heartwood Project can only be described as true love. Kayla has supported her husband through every long trip to Africa, every fundraising event, every struggle through challenge, all whilst providing the nurturing and care for their young family of 4 energetic children. Never afraid to roll up her sleeves and go to work, Kayla is the HEART in Africa Heartwood Project.
Jan Jones (volunteer)
Jan Jones (volunteer)Bookkeeper
Mother Jones has played a critical role in moving the work of Africa Heartwood Project forward from the beginning. From donating to educate a few refugee orphan children in 1999, to teaching at the Heartwood Orphan Home in 2014, she has cheerfully made a difference any way she can. With decades of experience in business accounting, Jan volunteers to keep the non-profit books in order.
Kerri Allcott (volunteer)
Kerri Allcott (volunteer)Social Media Coordinator
Kerri believes wholeheartedly that we are all capable of greatness and that the best way to change the world is to start with you. Her experiences volunteering in Africa as well as domestically have only increased her desire to give back. With a background in corporate events, organizational coordination and marketing she is excited to share her knowledge to spread the word about AHP. Her commitment to helping others, love of family and passion for Africa make her a valued member of our team.
Troy Olson (volunteer)
Troy Olson (volunteer)Media & Marketing Manager
With a background in digital marketing and retail sales, Troy brings a wealth of talent to our team. Joining initially in 2008, Troy led the charge to create the original website for AHP. Followed by this updated to version 2.0. His passion for family, music, and hard work dovetail perfectly with mission of Africa Heartwood Project.
Ras Kattah (paid)
Ras Kattah (paid)Cultural Artisan Manager, Ghana
Ras Kattah first became associated with Africa Heartwood Project as a talented wood artist in 2005. Over time his cultural artisan peers recognized him as a trusted leader, which led to his appointment as the business and relations manager for Africa Heartwood Project in Ghana. Ras is well known for his easy going nature and positive attitude, and generous spirit. Ras lives with his wife and children at the African drum complex in the Eastern Region of Ghana.