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Vocational Training for Deaf Students in Ghana, West Africa

Project History

DjembeDirect.com has partnered with Africa Heartwood Project to provide a platform through which donations are being raised to expand the Koforidua Unit School for the Deaf (USD) in Ghana. Through our personal interaction with students, administrators, and faculty at this wonderful school, we have become aware of the need to strengthen and expand the art and vocational training programs at USD.

Brick and Mortar Plan:

A multi-phase plan is being initiated by Africa Heartwood Project and USD to help deaf students acquire the skills and capital necessary to eventually provide for their own needs and contribute to the local economy with their craft. The first phase is to erect a building that will give vocational programs at USD a home. This is where your donation becomes invaluable. Please consider supporting our efforts to give more deaf children in rural Ghana the opportunity to learn American Sign Language (ASL), acquire a trade whereby they may become self-sustaining, and receive an academic and vocational education that will give them an equal footing in society.

Quick Facts:

  • Project Started – May 2005
  • Location – Koforidua, Ghana, West Africa
  • Beneficiaries – Elementary school age children with hearing impairment, enrolled at the school and participating in the Vocational Training Programs
  • Age Range – 6 to 14 years-old
  • Donations Go Towards – Construction of a building to house the Vocational Training Center; purchase necessary teaching equipment, provide scholarships to graduates
  • Immediate Need – To complete construction of the Vocational Training Center will require about $25,000 USD. The foundation has be laid and walls begun!

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