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Heartwood Homestead – Liberia, West Africa (Project on hold as of March 2017)

What is the Heartwood Homestead?

The Heartwood Homestead will be the new location for Africa Heartwood Project’s (AHP) headquarters in Liberia, West Africa. Our work at the Homestead will include the Support Program for Orphans in Care of Kin (SPOCK), Village Water Projects, Sustainable Livelihoods for Cultural Artisans, and mico-lending. Financial sustainability will come in the form of the Heartwood Beach Retreat social enterprise and the Heartwood Cultual Arts Center, also located within the Homestead.

Live television news interview about the Homestead on ABC 4 News – Utah

How can you help?

In 2010 we secured a beautiful 10 acre plot of beach-front and river-front property that has been brushed and cleared and prepared for construction and cultivation. A water system has been installed, two buildings have been constructed, and agricultural and fish production has begun. We need your help to continue the development of the campus. Individual donations of any amount are gratefully received, and building sponsorships are also available. Self-funded volunteers with a trade background are encouraged to apply (room and board provided). Read below for details about budgets and sponsorships available.

Why donate to AHP?

  • All volunteer managed and operated
  • 100% of donations go to project implementation
  • AHP is a registered 501(c)3 Public Charity in the USA (#26-2457812). All donations, contributions, and gifts are tax deductible under IRS code 170

A unique aspect of the Heartwood Homestead is our plan to become financially self-sustaining while teaching and practicing self-reliance. This will be accomplished through the following:

  • Organization model that reduces overhead and administrative expenses: Executive administration provided by volunteers; Staff are compensated with room and board and live on site, with a small stipend for personal expenses; Home-education model applied to raising orphans; International volunteers pay a daily rate to live at the Homestead
  • On site food crop and fish production; livestock production; solar energy; aquaponics; well-water sourcing
  • Operation of the income-generating and child-training Heartwood Beach Retreat
  • Establishment of the Heartwood Cultural Arts Center where international Drum & Dance camps are held and Africa Heartwood Project brand drums and instruments are produced for sell within Liberia and internationally.

The Heartwood Orphan Support Campus

The Homestead is located on ten acres owned by Africa Heartwood Project in Royesville’s Sand Beach Community, Liberia. The land includes a clean sand beach and access to the Po River, a large sand area suitable for building structures, a wetland suitable for vegetable gardening, and a highland for larger scale agricultural and livestock production.The first 800′ from the road to the wetland is the location of the Heartwood Orphan Support campus. (Click image to enlarge)

Heartwood Orphan Home Site Plan: The campus is laid out with providing the best possible care for children in mind, creating small neighborhoods and family-like units where children, staff, and volunteers live in common. Mini-homes (O1-O4) will house up to 10 children with a matron. Staff homes (S1-S4) can be either self-contained or include a wing for orphan children. Volunteer housing (VF1-VF2, VS1-VS2) for students as well as expatriate families, and director housing (D1-D2), is designed to be simple yet comfortable. Each neighborhood will share a common hygiene facility (H1-H5)with composting toilets, showers, and laundry and washing stations. The Community Center (C1-C6) will house offices, a health clinic, computer lab, kitchen and pantry, and a large multi-purpose hall. The Water System (W) is a hand-dug well with hand pump and solar-powered submersible pump with storage tower and gravity distribution lines. Throughout the campus there will be gardens, chicken coops, grey water bioswales, and ornamental vegetation among meandering walkways the create privacy as well as aesthetic appeal (AG, LS, CI, DI, RE, T1), and a natural vegetation perimeter to secure the border. Buildings are designed and oriented for maximum natural ventilation and lighting, and to limit exposure to sun and rain.

Construction Sponsorship and Fundraising: We invite donations of any amount to help fund the building of the Heartwood Orphan Home campus. We particularly encourage communities, businesses, and foundations to sponsor complete structures, which will be dedicated as a legacy to the donor.

RE Land Purchase $30,000 Budge Family
W Water System $12,000 JMCHS
O1 Orphan Home 1 $11,500 PlantTherapy
O2 Orphan Home 2 $11,500 Jan Jones
O3 Orphan Home 3 $11,500 Budge Family
O4 Orphan Home 4 $11,500 Available
CI Construction Infrastructure $5,000 Budge Fundraiser
DI Development Infrastructure $5,000 Budge Fundraiser
LS Landscaping $2,500 Available
AG Agricultural Development $4,500 RedDress Party ’13
D1 Diretor Home 1 $13,000 Available
D2 Director Home 2 $13,000 Available
PAV Pavilion $3,000 Available
H1 Hygiene Facility 1 $6,000 Budge Fundraiser
H2 Hygiene Facility 2 $6,000 Available
H3 Hygiene Facility 3 $6,000 Available
H4 Hygiene Facility 4 $6,000 Available
H5 Hygiene Facility 5 $6,000 Available
4WD 4WD Vehicle(s) $15,000 Available
T1 Transport Infrastructure $6,000 Available
S1 Staff/Orphan Home 1 $12,000 PlantTherapy.com
S2 Staff/Orphan Home 2 $12,000 Jan Jones
S3 Staff/Orphan Home 3 $13,000 Available
S4 Staff/Orphan Home 4 $13,000 Available
PSR Public Sand Road Development $8,000 of $32,000 Available
VF1 Volunteer Family Housing 1 $13,000 Available
VF2 Volunteer Family Housing 2 $13,000 Available
VS1 Volunteer Single Housing 1 $9,000 Available
VS2 Volunteer Single Housing 2 $8,000 Available
SEC Security Infrastructure $4,000 Available
PG Covered Playground $750 Zimmerman Family
C1 Assembly Hall $18,000 Available
C2 Kitchen / Pantry $3,000 Available
C3 Health Clinic $3,000 Available
C4 Library/Computer Lab $3,000 Available
C5 Office Space 1 $2,000 Atkin Family
C6 Office Space 2 $2,000 Available
MGMT In-country Project Management $25,000 Available

Target Fundraising Target: $335,250

Sustainabilty is Built Into the Plan
The Homestead is an off-grid community that incorporates principles of sustainability, self-reliance, and permaculture: Human waste and grey water will be managed and recycled on-site; sewing, soap making, and baking programs will provide clothing and hygiene items; most food will be grown on the land or harvested from the ocean and the river; water will come from solar powered wells with gravity distribution; solar power will provide for most energy needs; all staff, children, and volunteers will live in common within the community, taking all meals together, sharing chores, and caring for gardens and animals and each other.

Quick History of the Refugee Orphan Home

  • 1999-2003 – Refugees fled to Ghana during the second Liberian civil war
  • May 2008 – Andy Jones started the Refugee Orphan Home at Buduburam in Ghana for Liberian refugee children
  • June 2012 – Liberian refugees in Ghana lost refugee status and could either choose to integrate into Ghanaian society or take advantage of UN sponsored voluntary repatriation to Liberia
  • July 2012 – AHP began the process of relocation and repatriation for all children, staff, and facilities
  • October 2012 – AHP purchased new site for the Heartwood Homestead in Liberia and also leased several houses as a temporary location for the Heartwood Orphan Home.
  • January 2013 – The Heartwood Orphan Home in Zuannah Town, Liberia was officially opened with repatriated children and staff
  • September 2013 – The Heartwood Halfway House in Brewersville, Liberia was opened for our orphans age 18+ to prepare to live independently after high school graduation.