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Africa Heartwood Project is an all-volunteer organization that relies exclusively on donated funds and services from the public to accomplish our work in Africa. Volunteers each provide services unique to their situations, desires, and skills, and pay their own way. As such, the strength of our organization is the people who generously give of their time, talents, and energy in planning, financing, and implementing specific projects or events. Thank you for your interest; we need your help to accomplish more good!

Please complete our detailed Volunteer Inquiry Form to introduce yourself so we can work together tocreate a giving experience that will effectively serve the poor, and meet your needs as a volunteer. Thank you!

(NB: We do not have any “jobs” offering compensation; if you are seeking employment in the non-profit sector we can only offer you valuable experience as a volunteer. Volunteers are expected to provide for their own travel and living expenses.)

Volunteer Fundraising Events

One valuable way to support our projects without donating funds of your own is to organize a Volunteer Fundraising Event in your community. Learn more about how you can sponsor an authorized Africa Heartwood Project in your area, doing what you do every day.

USA Based Volunteers

  • Diann Olson
  • Jan Jones
  • Kayla, Simon, Ruby, Charlie, and Ivy Jones
  • Lisa Smiley
  • Garrick Hyde
  • Deja Mitchell
  • Bekkah Petree
  • Kaz Speirs
  • Kayla Thompson
  • Jeni Indresano
  • Kathy Gambles
  • Amy Allebest and Family
  • Troy Olson
  • Heather Olson
  • Ashley Atkin
  • Angel Spa and Retreat
  • Matthew Cheeney
  • Angela Reynolds
  • Akua Ofosuhene
  • Lucy Dillon
  • Nanice Ellis
  • Shannon Dunn
  • Amy Moon
  • Monica Ellee Henrie
  • Mary-Kate Metzger
  • Bruce Newman
  • Lynn, Kamden, and Addy Zimmerman Family
  • Andrea Lauritzen
  • Tony and Laura Saiki
  • Budge Family
  • Parker & Family
  • Jerry Buie
  • All members of the Africa Heartwood Drum & Dance Ensemble
  • Jeremy and Lizzi Budge
  • Boy Scout Troop 185

Volunteer Placements, West Africa

Jana Capps – 2008-2013 – Ghana/USA – Refugee Orphan Home, Village Water Projects, Heartwood Homestead, fundraising, event planning, project management.

Carissa Stoddard – 2008-2009 – Ghana/USA – Refugee Orphan Home, event support.

Lauren Davidson – 2009 – Ghana/USA – Ghana Refugee Orphan Home, event support, fundraising

Greg Jones – 2010 – Ghana/USA – Refugee Orphan Home, Village Water Projects, event support

Joseph Atkin – 2009-2010 – Ghana/USA – Refugee Orphan Home, Move to Liberia, Village Water Projects, Fundraising, Administrative Support

Dave and Kathy Westerby – 2009 and 2011 – Ghana – Refugee Orphan Home, Livelihoods for Cultural Artisans

Julian Bergstein – 2011 – Ghana – Refugee Orphan Home

Jami Larson and Jessi Lofgren – 2011 – Ghana/USA – Refugee Orphan Home, Fundraising & Networking

Jeremy and Lizzi Budge – 2013 – Liberia – Heartwood Orphan Home and Heartwood Homestead

Heather Peck – 2013 – Liberia – Heartwood Orphan Home

Jan Jones – 2013/2014 – Liberia – Heartwood Orphan Home and Heartwood Homestead