From Valentine’s Day to June 9, 2013 Jeremy and Lizzi had a four month honeymoon adventure as volunteers at the Orphan Home at ZuannahTown, and the Heartwood Homestead. This newlywed couple is an inspiration in their commitment to serve humanity as they sacrifice their time, comfort, and income to make a difference in the world

Photos and videos of Jeremy and Lizzi Budge in Liberia

Jeremy and Lizzi accomplished a great deal of good in their service with Africa Heartwood Project. Here are a few of their main achievements during their volunteership:

Heartwood Homestead Achievements

  • Managed design and engineering of all structures and site map for the Homestead, with volutneer architects, engineers, and construction managers in the USA
  • Hosted events to raise funds for the Homestead construction
  • Managed construction of two Orphan Residence Homes at the Homestead, including hiring contractors, procuring materials and labor, and overseeing budgets and payments.
  • Oversaw construction of the water well and hand pump
  • Designed the Hygiene Factility structure for future construction
  • Organized clearing or brushing of the Homestead acreage, for consttruction and agricultural production
  • Networked with community leaders and neighbors for cooperation and support of our efforts at the Homestead, including completing the Royesville Sand Beach road.
  • Developed and built a solar power system for use at the Orphan Home and the Homestead
  • Designed and made home decor pieces with the orphan children for use at the Homestead

Heartwood Orphan Home at ZuannahTown Achievements

  • Organized a Home Study program for high school-age students at the Orphan Home, hiring teachers, developing curriculum, and monitoring progress.
  • Taught phonics and reading and organized a Daily Reading Program to encourage a "culture of reading" at the Home.
  • Organized and outfitted a Library and Computer Lab at the Home
  • Taught computer skills, business development, moral integrity, and work ethic to the children, by word and example
  • Assisted staff with budgets, purchasing, reporting, and organization at the Home
  • Assisted in completing documentation for accreditation as a Child Welfare Institution in Liberia

We are deeply grateful to Jeremy and Lizzi Budge for the extremely generous contribution of time, talent, and money. Despite the difficult circumstances that often accompanied their work they remained determined and optimistic in their efforts to realize lasting good at the Orphan Home and Homestead. Thank you for playing a major role in caring for orphan children in Liberia!

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