It is easy to have hope for the future when you see kids like Lucy Allebest and Kelly Smith in action. They organized a bake sale to bring a well to a Liberian village, which will provide clean water for years to come starting in 2015. Their Los Altos, CA community rallied to bake cookies and brownies, and to show their support for this charity-minded tag team. Kelly and Lucy are proving that the world can be changed for good by simply doing what one can do, just from where one stands! Small efforts by a few can mean life-saving changes for many.

The bake sale was held on January 15, 2015, at the corner of Truman and Oak. $400 was raised at the event, and $110 was donated online, bringing the total donation to $510!

That’s clean water for 255 Liberians for an entire year!

To learn more about the water crisis – which affects more than a billion people in developing countries, and which is responsible for more premature, preventable deaths in children than any other cause – please read our Village Water Projects page.

It only costs 1/2 a penny per day per person to provide clean water with a hand dug well and a hand pump, over time, using our model of sustainability and volunteerism. To fully fund a Village Water Project the cost is about $3,000. So yes, every penny, every cookie, counts! 

To make a donation to Cookies for Clean Water, please click the donate button below. 100% of donations received will be used for direct implementation of a Village Water Project in Liberia, West Africa. All donations to Africa Heartwood Project (501c3 26-2457812) are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.