PROJECT 13 – Fundraising Campaign

PROJECT 13 is a grassroots fundraising campaign to complete development of the Heartwood Homestead in Liberia. 1,300 everyday humanitarians each donating $13.13 a month for 13 months. For only $0.44 a day you can be part of an extraordinary program to bless Liberian orphans and families. Pledges being taken starting 11.12.13. How’s that for lucky numbers!

Every One can play a part in building the Heartwood Homestead! First, we’re asking you to be one of 1,300 people to donate just $13.13 for 13 months, or $170.69 all at once. You can also help us spread the word to other good people.

Percent Raised To Date:


How to Sign Up

To get started, choose one of these options for payment.  When clicking the link you will be taken directly to PayPal where you can enter your payment information securely.

Recurring donation of $13.13 per month for 13 months   
Recurring donation of some other amount for 13 months   
One-time donation of $170.69 ($13.13 x 13 = $170.69)   
One-time donation of any other amount

NOTE: You are not required to have a PayPal account to make a donation. Simply look for the link which says: “No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card” to set up payment.


How will my donated funds be used?

100% of funds will be donated to Africa Heartwood Project for the purpose of building the Heartwood Homestead.


  • 82-87% to direct construction costs at the Homestead, including purchasing construction supplies, paying contractors and laborers, and developing the land
  • 13% to our Seed to the Sower fund (supplements and strengthens the social enterprise that underwrites all of our administrative and overhead costs)
  • 0-5% to donation processing fees (checks cost nothing to process, credit cards cost about 5%)

Quick Facts:

  • Project Started – 11/12/13
  • Current Location – Liberia, West Africa
  • Beneficiaries – Liberian Orphans of Civil War, Ebola, and more.
  • Donations Go Towards: Building the Heartwood Homestead
  • Immediate Need – 1,300 people from around the world who want to donate and help Liberian Orphan Children!