Greg Jones traveled to Ghana as a volunteer for Africa Heartwood Project in February 2010. His mission was to select the next two Clean Water Project villages, and to conduct health exams for each person at our Refugee Orphan Home. Mission accomplished – and then some!

Greg’s qualifications as a RN and as director of the Malihe Free Medical Clinic, and his extensive experience doing medical expeditions in South America, positioned him well to be of invaluable service in strengthening and expanding the work of AHP in Ghana. Reflecting on his challenging and rewarding experience as a voluteer, Greg said,

" The heat and humidity are relentless. The mosquitos are a part of life. The food is, ah, interesting. Yet…I can’t think of one thing I would change. The people touch your heart so profoundly. The culture is as alive and vibrant as the women’s dresses and the children’s smiles. Africa is my new home. Any questions?"

It took a few trips to the rural agricultural areas near Kwanyaku, Ghana, to successfully navigate the selection process for bore hole assistance for communities without access to reliable, clean water. Village life is challenging, but in working with local government representatives, water experts, and village leaders, two communities were selected: Kwasibudu and Ojashuanu.

An even greater challenge was to complete the health exams for each of the children and youth at our Refugee Orphan Home. Greg’s mandate was to discover and document what the health condition of each person is, so we can more effectively plan to treat and prevent life threatening illnesses, including malaria, typhoid fever, and HIV. Despite the long hours and challenging circumstances, Greg reports that his interaction with these wonderful kids was the highlight of his epxerience in Ghana.

If you are interested in offering your time and skills the way Greg has done, please contact us so we can work with you to create a volunteer expedition that will effectively serve the needs of those we work with, and meet your needs as a world traveling volunteer!