In June 2009 Dave and Kathy Westerby visited the Refugee Orphan Home to support the Benefit Culture Show put on by the orphans. Almost two years later they have returned to Ghana to provide service for the LDS Church, and have committed to volunteering their time and talents to improve communications, expanding sustainable income opportunities, and increase capaticites of staff and students at the Home. We’re grateful for their willing hearts and much needed skills in creating and building programs that will improve the lives and prospects for the children at the Home.

Photos taken by Dave, Spring 2011 

Services the Westerbys have provided include:

  • Computer training
  • Tutoring
  • Capacity building with staff
  • Photo documentary
  • Administrative oversight and input
  • Child records verification
  • Vocational training development, crafts and art
  • Income generating opportunities for youth and the Home
  • and more!

If you are interested in offering your time and skills the way the Westerbys have done, or as a full-time volunteer, please contact us so we can work with you to create a volunteer expedition that will effectively serve the needs of those we work with, and meet your needs as a world traveling humanitarian!