The Village of Seth Okai
Sethokai is a village in the Central Region, in the Kwanyaku district. This community had two semi-functional hand dug wells which were not sufficient to serve the needs of the people who relied on them. While the water was clean enough, it dried up for about 4 months of the year, leaving residents to fetch water by hand from a long distance. It was less expensive and more effective to drill a new bore hole rather than attempt to deepen the hand dug wells, seal them off, and install a hand pump. Sethokai saved a portion of their funds and opened their Community Watsan Bank Account, and geophysical surveying was done in Spring 2010. Drilling began in late May 2010, but because of the kind of sediment in the area, and the heavy rains, a “mud pump" was required; drilling was postponed until more favorable conditions were found in the region. On January 19, 2011 the drilling was successfully completed, with concrete pad and hand pump installed in February 2011, and Commissioning June 3, 2011. Follow up visits to the village throughout the summer, and community interviews in Oct 2011 indicate that Seth Okai village is successfully managing their bore hole with all intended benefits being realized in the lives of those who use the bore hole every day. The community has agreed that each time water is obtained a minor fee should be paid into the community bank account through the water committee, for future use in maintaining the bore hole and for other development projects in the community. This project was fully funded by an anonymous foundation.

Photos from post-installation research and community interview in Oct 2011