Paragon Mali Kora – Machine Tuned

The kora (CORE-uh) is an ancient Mande 21 string harp that sounds like a mix between a traditional harp and a classical guitar, played throughout western Africa.It has a thick calabash gourd body, and is 19-21″ wide, 8-9″ deep, and is covered with thick goat skin.


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Product Description

This professional kora (CORE-uh) is among the best available anywhere in the US, with superior craftsmanship and materials. The kora is a Mande stringed instrument, like a combination between the lute and the harp, with a classical guitar-like sound quality, played throughout western Africa. Main components are large half-gourd, notched floating bridge, full-length neck, decorated hand posts, and machine head tuning. It is played by holding the instrument facing you, holding hand posts with both hands, and plucking the strings with thumbs and fingers. This machine-tuned kora is covered by our satisfaction guarantee, and features:

  • Built to professional musician standards by expert aftisans in Mali using traditional methods
  • Thick calabash half-gourd body, 20-22in wide, 10-11in deep, with large bass hole
  • Goatskin covering, attached with decorative tacks and additional tack designs
  • 6 inch notched floating hardwood bridge with carved decoration
  • 23 fish-line strings of variable thicknesses attached with metal base ring and guitar-like tuning keys
  • Carved solid hardwood neck extending 30-32in out from gourd
  • Being a stringed instrument, this kora will require tuning after shipping
  • Imported, African-made product from Africa Heartwood Project

For materials on playing the Kora, please visit The Kora Workshop<border=”0″>.

Sizes & Prices

Model Size Description Retail Price (USD)
PKORAM2 ~49"x20"x14" The kora is an ancient Mande 21 string harp. $1,300




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