Paragon Heartwood Mali Djembe

The Paragon Mali Djembe drums from Africa Heartwood Project are consistently the finest African-made djembes we know of. Top quality specialty hardwood shells handcarved with precision for the best sound response, then headed with thick, natural goat skins and imported no-stretch rope onto a 3-top-ring mounting system. Available in three sizes: 13×24, 14×24, 15×25.

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Product Description

Our Paragon Heartwood Mali Djembe selection represents some of the finest African-built djembes available anywhere. Typically drums of this quality are carved in Mali, then finished (skin, rings, rope, etc.) in the US. But our Malis are imported direct from the builders as complete drums, leaving more value-added with the African artisans. The wood selection, materials, and craftsmanship on carving and fixing are according to our precise feedback over a long partnership with our African artisans, all resulting in a superb sound response right out of the box. These are the best African-built djembes we offer. From the heart of the culture that gave us the djembe, our professional Malidjembes features:

  • Available in three sizes: 13×24, 14×24, and 15×25.
  • Carved by hand in Mali in the traditional method out of a single piece of specialty hardwood (includes Dugura, Lenke, Hare, Acajou)
  • Thick Mali goat skin head, installed while skin is warm and fresh, shaved close for comfortable playing surface
  • Three top ring system, sized tight, locking in tension and maintaining sound quality and making tuning more efficient
  • High quality imported rope with minimal stretch. Color varies between black with flecks to multi-color mix, both shown in photos. Extra rope for tuning.
  • Cloth wrapped flesh and top/bottom rings to protect skin and rope
  • Multiple coats of shea butter/karite to help wood acclimate and prevent cracking
  • Well shaped bearing edge, curved inside and out, for comfort and sound quality
  • Vertical ropes precision tuned, with first few tuning knots done in our shop
  • Full base carvings include variety of geometric designs, according to artists creativity
  • The purchase of this product sustains livelihoods for cultural artisans in West Africa.

Sizes & Prices

Model Size Description Retail Price (USD)
MD13 13"x24"x9" Mali Pro Djembe 13X24 $400
MD14 14"x24"x9.5" Mali Pro Djembe 14X24 $450
MD15 15"x24"x10.5" Mali Pro Djembe 15X24 $500




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