Paragon Mali Balafon

The Paragon Heartwood Mali Balafon in C Major – 21-22 Keys is a professional-grade bala with heptatonic tuning featuring a hardwood frame, bala-wood keys, and a pair of gum-tree mallets. Handcrafted by cultural artisans in Bamako.

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Product Description

This Paragon Heartwood Mali Balafon in C Major – 21-22 Keys is a professional-grade bala, handcrafted by traditional artisans in Bamako. The balafon (BA-la-fone), also known as a bala, or balaphone, is built and tuned to serve as a legitimate high-end, professional instrument, imported from Mali. Each instrument is built by hand using traditional tools and techniques. The accurate tuning of the blades is impressive, and the sound created with the buzzing gourds is enchanting and bright. Tuning is standard heptonic with major diatonic tonality in the key of C. Each bala comes with a pair of natural gum mallets, and the following features:

  • 20-22 blades per bala covering about three octaves
  • Hare or bala wood keys, hand tuned and smoked to dry and seal and prevent pitch warping
  • Strong bamboo, hardwood, and sinew frame, suited for transport. Dimensions: 46in L; 19in W; 8in H.
  • Accurately sized gourds with cellophane-covered holes for the buzzing effect
  • Pair of natural gum mallets, perfect for bringing out optimal sound quality
  • Tuned to key of C major, +/- 1/4 step
  • Actual bala will vary slightly from photos above, but will match written description

Sizes & Prices

Model Size Description Retail Price (USD)
BALAMD 46"x19"x8" pro diatonic mali / guinea bala $699.95




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