Mali Paragon Dunun Set

This set of dunun (DOO-noon, aka dun dun, djun djun), imported direct from Ivory Coast, West Africa, is matched well in terms of size and sound, and represents a step up in construction and sound quality from the Ghana Classic Dunun Set.

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Product Description

The Paragon Heartwood Mali Dunun Set is a complete set of professional-grade Malinke bass drums from Bamako, Mali. Each is hand-carved of premium Lenke hardwood, headed with thick, choice cow skin, tuned with cored nylon rope, and custom tuned before shipping. These are the finest African-made dunun drums we have imported, well suited for live performance, dance class, and studio recording. This Paragon Heartwood Mali Dunun (DOO-noon) Set consists of a 15×25 dundumba, 13×22 sangban, and 12×20 kenkeni, and a set of 3 hardwood playing stick, and is a step up in craftsmanship and materials quality from the Paragon Heartwood Ivory Coast Dunun Set, and from the the Classic Heartwood Dunun Set from Ghana. Hydrated with karite, the seasoned Lenke hardwood projects the sound for greater clarity and volume, and each drum in the set is fully carved with matching geometric cross-hatch squares and gecko lizards. This dunun set is made using traditional methods by cultural artisans supported by, and features:

  • Dundumba (DOON-doom-bah): ~15in x 25in; 25-27 lbs; thick cow skin; solid bass response
  • Sangban (SONG-bahn): ~13in x 22in; 23-24 lbs; thick cow skin; full mid tones
  • Kenkeni (KEN-ken-ee): ~12in x 20in; 18 lbs; medium thick cow skin; bright high tones
  • Set of 3 full size dunun, built in Mali and imported and tuned as a matching family
  • Solid Lenke wood, seasoned and hand carved in Mali, and well hydrated with shea butter
  • Thick, lean Malian cow skins, cleaned, stretched, and sun dried, hair left on
  • 1/4in metal rings, custom sized, wrapped in cloth to protect skin and rope
  • Black fleck 4.5mm imported nylon rope with no-stretch core used for loops and verts
  • Bearing edge hand shaped with comfortable curve that protect skin and enhances sound
  • Each set is custom tuned and played before shipping; ready to perform upon arrival to you
  • These sets of dunun cannot be split up or sold separately
  • Set of matching hardwood playing sticks included
  • 90-day head warranty
  • Crafted by cultural artisans supported by the non-profit

Sizes & Prices

Model Size Description Retail Price (USD)
MDDSET 15 x 25, 13 x 22, 12 x 20 Mali Paragon Dunun (set of three) $1,300




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