Drum Circle Heartwood Djembe Drums

Our Drum Circle Djembe drums from Africa Heartwood Project are proudly made in Ghana by cultural artisans who have been building beginner djembes for export for over a decade. Each one is handcarved out of solid wood, headed with a natural goat skin, and decorated with a variety of exotic flavors. The Drum Circle Djembes are built for the recreational drummer on a budget who wants to get a musical-grade West African djembe at the lowest possible price. Available in two sizes: 11×22 and 13×24.

Audio Sample : Drum Circle Djembe Hair Off.mp3

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Product Description

The Drum Circle Djembe by Africa Heartwood Project is designed to offer a budget drum for the beginner and student drummer whose priority is to get a playable djembe for the lowest possible price. These are real djembes, handcarved in Ghana, and are suitable for a drummer who is interested in recreational rhythm making and beginning lessons. These drums are typical of what you would find at an open-air market in Ghana, are likely the type of drum-souvenir most tourists take home with them after a holiday in Africa, and is an improvement on most drums exported from Indonesia. They tend to look exotic but lack some of the quality details that finer djembes built for technical drumming have.


Available in two sizes – 11×22 and 13×24 – and a variety of exotic carving styles, each Drum Circle Djembe features:

  • Handcarved out of Tweneboa (translated as “drum wood”), a semi-hardwood common in Ghana, using traditional methods
  • A variety of carvings and styles is available, including the dark-stained elephant, natural masks with kente cloth, and village carving with hair left on the goat skin
  • Dry-shaved, natural goat skin head
  • Black vertical ropes and loops, nylon material, 4-5mm thick
  • Exact size and style will vary from photos above, but will be similar.
  • The purchase of this product sustains livelihoods for cultural artisans in West Africa. Learn more at AfricaHeartwoodProject.org/drums.

Sizes & Prices

Model Size Description Retail Price (USD)
TD11V 11"x22" Drum circle Djembe 11X22 - village 130
TD13V 12-13" head X about 24" tall Drum circle Djembe 13X24 - village 150
TD13BV 12-13" head X about 24" tall Drum circle Djembe 13X24 - ebonized 150
TD13MSK 12-13" head X about 24" tall Tourist Djembe 13X25 - masks 150
TD13H 12-13" head X about 24" tall Tourist Djembe 13X24 - hair on 150




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