Classic Seed Caxixi

The Classic Seed Caxixi from Africa Heartwood Project is hand woven in Ghana using brightly colored reeds, a hard gourd base, and pebbles and seeds for filler. When shaken and rotated the caxixi makes a mixture of soft and sharp percussive sounds. Available in single- or double-basket sizes in mixed colors.

Audio Sample : Caxixi Double Seed.mp3

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Product Description

The Classic Seed Caxixi (kaa-SHEE-shee)from Africa Heartwood Project is a basket shaker that is hand woven using brightly colored reed, hard gourd base, and pebbles and seeds. The double basket size is great for more volume in larger groups and for special techniques, while the single basket produces less volume. The Classic Seed Caxixi creates a high pitched, clear-cutting percussive sound, great for keeping time in a percussion ensemble. It is typically played upright, using a sharp up-and-down motion so the seeds and pebbles strike the hard gourd base. The caxixi features:

  • 5-6″ tall baskets, 3-4″ round
  • Durable woven construction with handle
  • Reed permanently dyed in bright colors, woven in matching patterns
  • Seed and pebble filler creates a soft or sharp percussive sound
  • Typically played in pairs, but sold individually
  • African-made product from Africa Heartwood Project
  • The purchase of this product sustains livelihoods for cultural artisans in West Africa.

Sizes & Prices

Model Size Description Retail Price (USD)
CAXS1 3-4"X5-6" + handle Single multi-colored basket seed shaker $11
CAXS2 7-9"X5-6" + handles Double multi-colored basket seed shaker $14




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