Classic Ghana Gyli Xylophone – 4 Sizes Available!

The Classic Ghana Gyli from Africa Heartwood Project is hand-crafted in the traditional style of Burkina Faso and northern Ghana. Tuned low to high with pockets of pentatonic, this percussive instrument produces a beautiful melody similar to a wind chime or marimba. Available in  8, 10, 12, and 14 tone sizes, with a pair of recycled tire-rubber mallets included.

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Product Description

The Classic Ghana Gyli (JEE-lee) series from Africa Heartwood Project offer a wide selection of beautifully made, great sounding xylophones, perfect for percussive improvisation. Hand-crafted in the style of northern Ghana and Burkina Faso, the Classic Ghana Gyli is built from timber, dried hardwood, goat skin, gourds, and rope. The sound quality is very rich and tonal, earthy and organic. The gyli is similar to the West African balafon, and is part of the xylophone and marimba family of idiophones. This xylophone features:

  • Random low to high tuning, in keeping with use as a percussion instrument, with pockets of pentatonic tuning
  • Heat dried keys to help maintain tonality and prevent cracking
  • Solid frame construction using hardwood, leather, and rope
  • Gourds under each blade to amplify and sustain sound
  • Low notes rake upward to allow room for larger gourds
  • Two recycled tire-rubber mallets included with each balafon
  • The purchase of this product sustains livelihoods for cultural artisans in West Africa.

Sizes & Prices

Model Size Description Retail Price (USD)
BALA8 24"X16"X14" 8 note Classic Ghana Gyli $95
BALA10 28"X18"X16" 10 note Classic Ghana Gyli $125
BALA12 34"X21"X18" 12 note Classic Ghana Gyli $195
BALA14 41"X24"X22" 14 note Classic Ghana Gyli $265




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