Classic Heartwood Djembe Drums

The Classic Heartwood Djembe drums are the best selling drums from Africa Heartwood Project, and represent the finest Ghanaian-made djembes available. With the largest selection of sizes and carving styles – from the kinder-size 8×16 to the oversize 14×25 – there is a Classic Heartwood Djembe to fit every intermediate drummer. These djembes lead the way in solid-wood Ghanaian djembes for drum students, recreational drummers, and schools.

Audio Sample : Classic Student Djembe 13×24.mp3 

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Product Description

The Classic Heartwood Djembes from Africa Heartwood Project are consistently our best-selling drums. The Classic Heartwood Djembe drum is a well-built, musical-grade instrument, built for the beginner or intermediate djembe drummer. This djembe would be a good choice for the drummer intending to take lessons or study djembe technique. Africa Heartwood Project djembes are hand-carved by experienced drum makers in West Africa. The Classic djembes are specially crafted with sound quality and playability in mind, with additional attention give to aesthetics.

Available in 6 sizes and choice between goat and cow skin, each Classic Heartwood Djembe features:

  • Hand-carved out of a solid piece of Mansonia wood, a semi-hardwood, using traditional methods
  • A variety of carvings and styles is available depending on which size is selected
  • Dry-shaved, natural goat skin head (also available in cow skin for the 13×24 size)
  • Black vertical ropes and loops, nylon material, 4-5mm thick
  • Ledge carved for the bottom ring to keep tension even as the drum is tuned
  • All 1/4″ rod rings wrapped in cloth to prevent rust damage to the skin, and to add aesthetic appeal
  • Exact size and style will vary from photos above, but will be similar.
  • The purchase of this product sustains livelihoods for cultural artisans in West Africa.

Sizes & Prices

Model Size Description Retail Price (USD) Buy Online
CD07 7-8"x 14-16" Classic Heartwood Djembe 7-8" X 16" $65 (Click Here)
CD09 8.5-9" x 16-18" Classic Heartwood Djembe 9" X 18" $80 (Click Here)
CD10 10 x 20 Classic Heartwood Djembe 10" X 20" $135 (Click Here)
CD11 11 X 22 X 8 Classic Heartwood Djembe 11"X 22" $185 (Click Here)
CD13 13 x 24 x 10 Classic Heartwood Djembe 13" X 24" $220 (Click Here)
CD13-W 13 x 22 x 10 Classic Heartwood Women's Djembe 13" X 22" $220 (Click Here)
CD13-C 13 x 24 x 10 Classic Heartwood Cow Skin Djembe 13" X 24" $250 (Click Here)
CD14 14" X 25" Classic Heartwood Djembe 14" X 25" $250 (Click Here)




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