On June 7, 2013 the Good Bird Water Project in Fawomanye, Ghana was Commissioned, marking the successful completion of drilling, hand pump installation, and community training. The photos and videos below show how the projected moved forward in the village of Fawomanye. Thank you, Amy Moon and the Good Bird team!



Water Project Progress

Dec 21, 2011 – Project manager visited Fawomanye for observation
Feb 2012 – WATSAN Committee opened community bank account
May 2012 – Andy visits Fawomanye for needs assessment
June 2012 – Video posted to seek donors to provide clean water
Sept 2012 – GoodBird Water Project started by Amy Moon 
Oct – Dec 2012 – Neighborhood bake and craft sales raise funds 
Jan – Feb 2012 – Vendors and contracts organized in Ghana 
Mar 6, 2013 – Funds transfered to begin water project in Ghana
Mar 11, 2013 – Hydrogeological surveying begins in Fawomanye
March 30, 2013 – Drilling rig mobilized and supplies purchased 
April 6, 2013 – Drilling begins
May 9, 2013 – Drilling Complete
June 5, 2013 – Hand pump installed and training complete
June 7, 2013 – Commissioning of bore hole- Project Complete! 

Project Details

Fawomanye is a rural agricultural village in Ghana, West Africa. They have a problem: The only water they can get is far away and makes them sick. Amy Moon and Good Bird Design & Friends in Highland, Utah are the answer. Inspired by love and community action, they will be the difference!

Starting October 8th, 2012, a series of community bake sales, craft markets, and other grassroots events were launched in northern Utah to raise the $7,000 required to provide the residents of Fawomanye with a bore hole. This bore hole – drilled by machine up to 85 meters deep and fitted with a hand pump – will provide clean water for drinking, cooking, washing, and irrigating. Amy and friends are engaged in a cause that will literally save lives and forever improve the quality of life for hundreds of people.

Get to know the people in Fawomanye village who will ultimately benefit from this water project…

For details about these upcoming fundraising events sponsored by Good Bird Design, please visit this link to their website. Here is the postcard for the kickoff event (click to enlarge).

Donations are tax deductible, and can be made to Africa Heartwood Project at any time in the name of the Good Bird Water Project. All funds are held in reserve in Donor Managed Fund for this specific project, and when enough funds are available the project will be implemented.

Learn more about Africa Heartwood Project’s other successful Village Water Projects in West Africa, and how we have provided clean water to thousands of individuals in rural communities over the past 4 years.

Video of Neighborhood Fundraising Kickoff, Oct 8, 2012

As of Christmas Day 2012 this project is fully funded!


Oct 8, 2012 – Taste of Fall Bake Sale: 2026.84
Oct 9, 2012 – Private Donation: 1000.00
Nov 5, 2012 – Bountiful Neighborhood Bake Sale: 2096.90
Nov 5-13, 2012 – Private Donations: 496.00
Nov 19, 2012 – PlantTherapy.com Donation: 250.00 
Dec 8, 2012 – Holiday Craft Boutique: 661.00
Nov 14-Dec 31, 2012 – Private Donations: 550.00

(Donations in excess of the $7.000 goal for the Fawomanye bore hole will be applied toward water and sanitation for the Heartwood Orphan Home in Liberia. Thank you for your continued support!)

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