Our Donors

We would like to thank those who enable the important work of Africa Heartwood Project through their generous donations. There are many ways to make a positive difference in the world, and the gift of money to carry out humanitarian projects is an essential one. Thank you for your sacrifice – one we regard as sacred and literally life-saving.

Those who volunteer at Africa Heartwood Project care deeply about the individuals who benefit from our work. The work is full of challenges and some disappointments, and it is so encouraging when somebody comes into our world whose heart is knit in the same love and desire to help, who takes the initiative to get involved. We know you give without the expectation of anything in return, and that your hearts are in the right place. But we still think it is important to put a face to our support network, because you are inspiring, and because you deserve to be publically thanked.

“The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and willing service.”

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In-Kind Donors

Individuals and businesses who donate their professional services and products to support the mission of Africa Heartwood Project allow us to operate without standard administrative overhead. This ensures that public donations go direct to project implementation.

Google Ad Grants
Google Ad Grants
Africa Heartwood Project would like to thank Google and the Google Grant Program for its donation of over $570,000 in services.  We are grateful for this substantial donation and the continued support from the Google Non-Profit Program!
Dancing Cranes Imports
Dancing Cranes Imports
Jimmy and Carlene Carlson have been generous in their donation of shelf and event space. They have hosted drum circles, singing classes, and benefit concerts at no charge, and have purchased and sold hand crafted items made by Heartwood orphans – all to help raise funds for clean water and orphan support.

Key Financial Contributors

Plant Therapy Inc. – Based in Twin Falls, Idaho, Plant Therapy is an online retailer of quality essential oils and other aromatherapy products. One of our most continuous donors, Plant Therapy has donated to numerous projects including but not limited to: Heartwood Orphan Home, Heartwood Homestead, and numerous water projects.

The Garrick Hyde Family – Garrick purchases hand crafted nativity sets from individual artisans from around the world at prices set by the artisans, and sells them to collectors through his website, with all profits being donated to charity. Please visit the Hyde family’s website and get inspired by their unique and selfless work: www.worldnativity.com. All sets currently for sale from Africa are from artisans who are also connected to Africa Heartwood Project’s artisan support project. Garrick is one of the primary sponsor of our Refugee Orphan Home.

Jan Jones – Mother Jones has contributed time and again when there was no other source for needed funds to keep the Refugee Orphan Home in operation. The generosity and compassion she exhibits in her life is an example of true charity to all who know her.

Djembe Direct – DjembeDirect.com is one online outlet for drums and crafts produced by artisans who have received training and assistance from Africa Heartwood Project. Our initial online space was donated by DjembeDirect.com as a portion of their website. Djembe Direct has committed to cover all overhead and operating expenses for AHP, so 100% of your donations can be used in direct implementation of our humanitarian projects. In addition, built into the drum purchase process is the opportunity for customers to donate to the AHP project of their choice. The generosity of Djembe Direct customers has made a substantial disfference in the lives of many drum builders, refugee orphans, deaf students, and small coummunities in Ghana. To learn more, visit www.djembedirect.com today!

The Herrod Foundation – This generous foundation is committed to helping children around the world, including those at our Refugee Orphan Home. The Herrod Foundation has also financed clean water projects in rural villages in Ghana. Thank you for your compassion and support, Michael and The Herrod Foundation! You are keeping the hope alive!www.herrodfoundation.ch

Up With Kids – Shauna Livingston has a special love for children, which manifests itself in her everyday work at Up With Kids, a musical theatre training program for children and youth in Utah. Up With Kids families have contributed to the changed lives of our children at our Refugee Orphan Home. Visit their website, www.upwithkids.com.

Salt Lake African Drum and Dance Ensemble – This group of African drum and dance teachers, students, and enthusiasts was initially put together to raise money for the Alantaso Water Project fundraising event, the World Music Benefit Concert I. Since then they have donated their time and talent to perform at a variety of events and benefits, for the sake of supporting Africa Heartwood Project work, including the recent World Music Benefit Concert II. Thank you – Jeni, Rosie, Dave, Kayla, Michelle, Kim, James, Pam, Aime, Natosha, Pierre, Quinn, Tyler, and Andy – for sharing your love of West African drum and dance in such a meaningful way! To book the Ensemble for performances in Salt Lake City, please contact Andy.

Donor Contact Form

To learn more about how to become an ongoing donor or donate for a specific purpose, please submit this form:

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Donor Managed Funds

Africa Heartwood Project is now offering our friends the opportunity to raise funds that will be set aside for specific use as directed by the donor(s). This is called a Donor Managed Fund (DMF). The advantage of a DMF is that your school, office, Boy Scout troop, or any other community or group can make donations which will accumulate until the target amount has been reached. This way you don’t have to hold funds from contributors to your project, and donations can be tax-deductible. Anybody can set up a DMF with Africa Heartwood Project for use in expanding our current projects, or starting new projects exclusively for your group.

Those who wish to contribute to a specific DMF should visit our donation page to find out how you can make your donation, then specify the name of your DMF when submitting the donation. Your money will be held with other donations for that DMF until the project is ready and/or the amount of funding is sufficient.

Current Donor Manage Funds

Click on one of the links below to learn more about that DMF. Contact us today to find out how you can set up an exclusive fund for your own group!

  • QueerSpirit Village Water Project (est. Oct 2012)
  • Good Bird Village Water Project (est. Oct 2012)
  • West Pine Middle School – Wildcat Water Project (Oct 2009 to Sept 2010)
  • Angelic Connections Village Water Project (Oct 2010 to May 2011)