The word adom means "grace" in the Twi language and is the name her mother chose for her African Market shop. That’s why Vera Asuamuzuah, a Ghanaian student attending Colorado State University, decided to name her project the ADOM Village Water Project: Since she left her hometown of Tema, Ghana, Vera has wanted to do something to bless those of her homeland, as she and her family have been so graciously blessed. Now she is leading a grassroots fundraising effort to provide a clean, reliable, and convenient water source to the village of Potomu, Ghana. Join Vera in her desire to give back to those in need in Ghana.

As with all volunteers at Africa Heartwood Project, Vera isn’t one to sit on the sidelines and watch as others do the work. She has already contributed some of her own personal funds, and has begun to mobilize her community to provide clean water.

Vera is moved by empathy for those whose lives are made difficult due to lack of access to clean water, which she has personally experienced as a boarding student in Accra.

ADOM Water Project

She explained, "I was really motivated when my mum will call home

[to Ghana] and find out about different people that had died in her village. I would think to myself that this was mainly because of the unsanitary habits practiced… there. I knew I could help in one way or the other to help save some lives…. [I knew] I wanted to work on a water project [because] most villagers were getting sick because of the lack of access to clean water. When I provide the water system, I could [also provide education] in the process."

In January 2014 Vera will travel to Ghana to work within the community as a volunteer, assisting the West Agona sanitation specialists to provide education regarding proper sanitation and hygiene. She will also oversee the drilling of the bore hole and hand pump.

Water Project Progress

2011 – The Puksta Scholarship is awarded to Vera, giving her an opportunity to organize an international service project
2011-2013 – Vera researches options for service in Ghana and decides to focus her project on the water and sanitation sector
April 2013 – Fund raising efforts begin for the future water project 
June 2013 – Africa Heartwood Project identifies Nyamentsi as a community in need of clean water and posts the need to potential donors
Sept. 2013 – Vera chooses Africa Heartwood Projectto manage the ADOM Village Water Project at Nyamentsi village. 
Oct to Dec 2013 – Fund raising phase! 
Dec 2013 – Vera arrives in Ghana
Jan 17-25, 2014 – Installation of the bore hole well and hand pump 

How can you help? First, you can be aware of the water crisis that affects millions of people on this plant. Fact: Unclean water is the #1 killer of children under the age of 5. If there is something you can do to help children, families, and communities obtain access to clean water, please consider taking action. Not just with this project, but anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Second, you can help us to provide clean water for THIS village by donating funds. We have met the people whose lives are going to change when they get this bore hole. They don’t even know our names, and they don’t need to. All that matters is that they have the freedom to choose if they drink clean water, practice good personal hygiene, and manage their community’s sanitation well. Right now they don’t have a choice because of lack of access and lack of education. We’re going to change that, together. Please make a donation today.

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Fund Raising Timeline

Donation Goal: $6,500
Donations Received: $4,635

Funding Deadline: July 31, 2014

April to Oct 2013: Water Edge Ministries, Greenhouse Scholarship Foundation, and Vera Asuamuzuah raise $2,000
November 2013: $850 friends and family 
December 2013: $1785 raised by Vera and friends

Donations Needed: $1,865.00