The Village of Adarikrom
Adarkrom is a small community located in Ghana’s Central Region that had saved their funds in order to provide maintenance for a bore hole they hoped to get one day. After meeting with village elders and community stakeholders, Africa Heartwood Project undertook geophysical surveying on January 20, 2011. On January 28, the bore hole was successfully drilled with concrete pad and hand pump being installed in February, 2011, and Commissioning June 3, 2011. Follow up visits to the village throughout the summer, and community interviews in Oct 2011 indicate that Seth Okai village is successfully managing their bore hole with all intended benefits being realized in the lives of those who use the bore hole every day. The community has agreed that each household should pay a water tax into the community bank account, for future use in maintaining the bore hole and for other development projects in the community. A private donor provided funding to cover this project.

Photos from post-installation research and community interview in Oct 2011